Canon RF 24-70 F2.8 or RF 15-35 F2.8

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Re: Canon RF 24-70 F2.8 or RF 15-35 F2.8

beagle1 wrote:

RedDragon_BZ wrote:

Howdy -

My wife currently shoots full time with a Canon R5. We have a handful of lenses, listed below, but I am debating purchasing either the 24-70 f/2.8 or the 15-35 f/2.8 along with another R5 body for my personal use/learning, as well as being a second shooter with my wife for family sessions. Or do I go with the EF16-35 f2.8 with the RF adapter and save a couple hundred?

Personally, I am primarily looking to learn shooting landscape and weather systems as they roll through as well as eventually dabble into astro. Also would love to use it for city-scape, architecture shooting. We just relocated from the country to right outside a major city, so my opportunity to shoot has gone up drastically. My gut is telling me to grab the 24-70 as the more versatile lens, but really love the reviews of the 15-35. Would love some recommendations here as I don't want to purchase both right now due to their extremely high costs. My wife uses the Sigma as one of her primary lenses in shooting, but wondering if maybe another Sigma instead would be the better buy? Just want to invest into the RF system once to grow into it fully.

We currently have:

EF Canon 100-400mm F4.5

EF Sigma 17-50mm f2.8

RF Canon 25-104mm f4 (R5 kit lens)

Thank you!


The Canon R5 can easily use EF lenses with adapter

For landscapes the 15-35 or EF 16-35 or a wide prime

Absolutely and we run the adapter.  Looking to purchase essentially a second lens so that I can support my wife while shooting, but also one that I can potentially adapt to the other purposes I outlined above.  Just trying to kill two birds with one stone essentially.  Appreciate your reply.

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