Xrite Color Profiles ?

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Re: Xrite Color Profiles ?

Jack Hogan wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote: Those are fairly bad.

To @2, standard Adobe matrices are interpolated in the process

Additionally, measurements of DPR target are not published, so the basis of deltaE calculations isn't well-established. A matrix calculated using spectral measurement of the target usually results in lower deltaE than a matrix calculated from averages, but in some cases it's vice versa, the difference can be 2 deltaE easily, for a couple of cases I checked it was 4 in favour of Adobe. One more thing: the spectrum of light DPR are using isn't published too. And a side note: to check Adobe matrix one should apply calibration matrix too (not the case with Nikon cameras).

All good points. For reference my results on the right were obtained as follows:

D6500 matrix only
CC24 reference values from BabelColor 30 average spectra database
Presumed DPR Illuminant spectrum: D6500
Optimized to minimize average deltaE76

Other details below.


Very nice. From perceptive point of view I found optimization for deltaE94 formula to be of a slight advantage over other formulas. Optimizing for the illuminant, I found DPR lights to be close to 5500 K on their initial studio shots. Now the CCT has drifted and the spectrum seems to be more spiky than it was initially.

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