Canon RF 24-70 F2.8 or RF 15-35 F2.8

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Re: Canon RF 24-70 F2.8 or RF 15-35 F2.8

I was thinking of the Sigma 17-50 as an aps-c lens?  Does it need to be cropped, either by the system or to deal with image circle issues?   If cropped, then you're in territory pretty well covered by the 24-105/4?  Likewise, if you add a 24-70/2.8, it duplicates much of the 24-105 with the f2.8 aperture .

Which would suggest the two wide zooms xx-35 add a focal length range you don't cover yet.  (If the Sigma's not a crop lens, then it covers the focal length range that you propose from the new wide zooms. ?  My impression (I'm a Sony user) is that the Canon dslr lenses adapt well so you might need to look closely to what both lenses offer to see if you want to go with the adapter.  Which would also be available for other lenses that might not be conveniently available in the new mount, too.

My first impression/suggestion would be one of the two wide zooms for new focal length range coverage.  That said, the 24-70 range is extremely useful and popular and you might find both of you want/need it simultaneously if you only have the one lens in that range?

Perhaps spend a little more time seeing what seems "missing" from your kit.

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