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AdilDesai wrote:

Hi All,

Moving from Canon EOS 550D kit (with kit lens 18-135) to a mirrorless camera. Does the EOS M6 Mark ii have the compatibility to take my Canon kit lens ?

Possible ? Lens adapters required ?

FWIW, I bought the Viltrox adapter for $38 (not the speed booster) and it works fine with all of my EF lenses.  I suspect it will work with your EF-S too.

Not advisable ?

this is a difficult question to answer.  if u want small and light and portable its ideal.

Impossible ?? - in which case which are the compatible zooms I can use (Canon and Tamron/Sigma or others) with this camera ? Need a zoom length of around 300 mm

I use my Canon 100-400 EF lens with the Viltrox adapter on the M6 MKII and find that it works just fine.

Also, please let me know your impressions about this camera for Nature/Landscape as well as Street photography.

For landscape, it's very good.  I think my R5 is better but that costs 5 times as much, is much heavier and is also bigger.

Street photography... well, its unobtrusive, and easy to carry.

depending on your technique for street photography, it might be ideal

Look forward to your inputs, Thanks!

Adil Desai

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