Nikon Z 24-200 f/4-6.3 compared to Canon RF 70-200 f/4

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Re: a little more on cross-system comparisons

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And the R5 has an AA filter for a reason; it reduces or prevents aliasing (the recording of false data) in some cases. On the other hand, it softens the image somewhat. It's a tradeoff you can argue about both ways, but it eliminates the possibility of learning much about the difference between the Nikon lens and the Canon lens from an Imatest test.

I think they might have done it (incorporated the AA filter) because the R5 is also a video monster, and unless I'm mistaken, many videographers will aim for a shutter speed of about half the frame rate because super sharp frames appear unnatural in a moving image anyway.

Except that video is practically always down/upsampled or re-processed in some shape or form, often resulting in aliasing anyway. You can see this for yourself in the Canon R5 review from DPR, for example. An AA-filter does diddly squat for video unless the camera has a finely-tuned sensor with 1:1 sensel output (like the Sony A7S series, or many cinema cameras).

Nah, Canon keep that stupid filter on because they're as stubborn as an old camel. Even when practically everyone else has dropped AA filters at least for cameras with high pixel pitches, and do better in everything from tests to sample galleries, Canon seem to prefer the "sharp as a pillow" look to their files 🤷‍♂️

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