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Rich74 wrote:

I currently shoot rugby using mostly Group AF and was wondering is there a quick way to flip between Group AF and Single point AF. Ive taken a look in the settings and there is an option to assign to the Fn button but there is no option of AF changes? Can anyone help????

I'm sure you're getting the idea by now, but I'll give my 2 cents worth anyway.

I use AF-ON button for Single Point and PV button for Group.  Be sure to select "AF-area mode + AF-ON" when assigning these buttons in the "custom control assignment menu!!!!

a8 (AutoFocus Activation) is OFF, so the shutter button does not focus.

Focus mode is set to continuous (c), and release mode is set to anything you like, but usually "CH" for 10 frames per second.

This is a pure BBF (Back Button Focus) set-up, and once you use it and get used to it, you will never (well, hardly ever) go back to conventional shutter button focus.  You can hold an assigned focus button while tracking a moving subject as long as you like, and shoot short or long bursts at will.

You can also use this same set-up described above for stationary subjects, "as if" you are in single shot (s) focus mode, by using the following technique ...  Just press one of your assigned focus buttons to acquire focus on your stationary subject, then, release the button, and recompose.  You will remain focused on your stationary subject while you press the shutter button, and as long as you don't re-press an assigned focus button.

Hope this is helpful.


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