Which 50mm from Product Photos?

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Re: Which 50mm from Product Photos?

deednets wrote:

Nakaya wrote:

Thank you for all the replies. Lots of votes for the 50mm macro. I do already have a macro lens, the Sigma 70mm Art Marco.

For flat lays I don't need to get that close but of course having the option is always nice.

So is the consensus that there is no advantage to going with the other (more expensive) lenses for product photography?

Unless you are planning to do this anyway, or have done it, you might want to have a look at focus stacking. Sony cameras don't do this automatically, but it can be done using interval shooting and then software, like Helicon.

Since you are concerned about sharpness, you might want to avoid diffraction issues.

But you know all that, right?


Right now I am using focus stacking with photoshop, by using masks I can get pretty good results instead of using their automated one which tends to blur images in places. With the Sony Remote (the $80 one...ugh) you can change focus with + and - buttons so I can get a better result then just tapping on focus points on the screen.

I don't want to use focus stacking though for packshots so a smaller aperture and a bit less sharpness can be okay. I am only using a 24mp sensor.

I wish Sony had a good way to automate focus stacking like I've seen with some other brands where the camera changes focus automatically

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