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I purchased NoNoise recently and was planning on purchasing Photo Raw 21. It sounds like it would be pointless going ahead until the 2022 version is available. Would I only have to pay an upgrade fee rather than the full price given I've already purchased NoNoise?

Unlikely, I would say - they are two different pieces of software, priced differently.

NoNoise was released as a stand alone app, which is also available as part of the Professional Plugin Collection - and that will continue after ON1 RAW 2022 is released.

When launched, it was said that NoNoise’s functionality would be added to ON1 2022 - but users on the subscription model would be able to use NoNoise straight away.
ON1 might offer NoNoise owners some kind of deal when 2022 launches but I’m not aware of them doing it for people that only own one standalone app. It might be worth contacting customer service about it - I’ve found them very good in the past.

I think I Jumped in to On1 NoNoise having seen a online review and a good discounted price. I'm also in need of new photo editing software and was planning on getting the new 2022 version that will have it incorporated assuming It would be offered as an upgrade. I just completed a trial of DXO Photolab 4 Elite and loved Deep Prime and the fact it is incorporated into the editing software. Thanks for your feedback, I will contact customer service and I hope they will offer it as an upgrade. I think it's actually a bit of a pain using it as a stand alone option and will have been money wasted if I have to pay full price for the 2022 version of photo raw.

No problem at all!

In the ON1 forums, someone who had purchased NoNoise, said that anyone who had would be sent a coupon when ON1 RAW 2022 is officially - but what the coupon will be good for won't be known until then.

They didn't say how they knew this and obviously can't say if that's going to be the case, but offering some sort of discount has a lot of logic, particularly when NoNoise's release was so close to the RAW 2022 coming out. And the more people asking about this, can't hurt!

With NoNoise as a standalone app - based on on my experience with the other apps/plug-ins, if someone is using it with other software, then it's a more streamlined experience than going between other software and ON1 RAW. However, I often do the latter as that way, I can access the other modules in ON1 RAW - the roundtrip is slightly longer, but this way I only need to make it once, which can prove quicker.

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