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Re: New Wescott Optical Spot

stevevuoso wrote:

If it's a standardized Gobo size, that alone would be a nice feature. Most of the Chinese knockoffs have custom sized ones.

Custom sized and quite thick. The thickness makes it impossible to get a sharp edge on the shape.

tugwilson wrote:

ronscuba wrote:

Most of the photos using the gobos look gimmicky to me.

I do like to use my fresnel spot modifier and use flags to create straight line shadows. The godox version has an iris for adjusting the size of the spot. That interests me. So I can see maybe getting the godox version.

Currently the only way of mounting the Godox SA-P projector on a Bowens mount light is to use SA-17 adapter. Godox say the adapter is intended for LED lights only. It will fit on some Godox Strobes but anything with a protruding bulb (like the Ad600Pro) won't fit. You also lose a lot of light even if the SA-17 fits.

I have an SA-P, SA-17, and Fomit Bowens / Balcar adapter. This setup, with an E640, gets up to f/9+.2 at five feet, so not bad although a lot of light is disappearing.
With a Bowens-mount strobe, might be better for a given W-S rating.

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