Dust in DFA* 85/1.4 - exchange or accept 15% discount?

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MarBa wrote:

Hi guys,

There was some major discount on the DFA* 85/1.4 and I could not resist. Recommended price is 1999 Euro .. but I found a deal for 1532 Euro.

Now, the lens that arrived has a dust speck on the side of one of the inner elements. It's easily visible but I would think impossible to see in photos. Not sure how to best test for that though ... small aperture? Or bokeh balls?

Now, I can either replace the lens or get another 230 Euro discount, so final price would be 1300 Euro (about 1100 without VAT). In any case, I would still have 2-year warranty.

What would you do? Keep the one with some dust or exchange for (hopefully) clean lens? Is it possible to get dust removed as part of a warranty-covered repair?

Thanks for you opinions ...



Assuming the warranty remains intact, and the lens performs per spec, I'd take the additional discount, use the lens for a while (say 6 months), then assess whether the speck is a problem, or not.

In any event, send it in for a cleaning before the warranty expires. Otherwise, you (and whoever follows you) will need to deal with the hassle and moral hazard of disclosing the spec and explaining it when the time comes to find a new owner.

Cheers... M

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