Strobes for Product Photography

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Re: Strobes for Product Photography

Big fan of the XplorPro // AD600Pro for still life. I was just working a still life gig, food, and was getting ISO400, f/9, 1/125 with a single 600Pro, into a Photek, bounced, and then through a silk. I think I was shooting with the 600 at ½ +.3, and then fill was a 300Pro at around 1/128. Client wanted airy, organic feeling light and it really did the trick.

I love the WYSIWYG quality of hot lights, love the convenience of LED, but unfortunately in my experience, LED color doesn’t treat all subjects equally, or flatteringly. I think it renders critical red/orange hues poorly when compared to strobe, or tungsten. And it can’t be corrected by gels - it’s a reflection of LEDs limited spectrum (at least, the current units I have). Hope it changes over time, because WYSIWYG is awesome.

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