Sigma 17-55 ?!

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Re: Sigma 17-50

It's a good and versatile lens, and not as expensive as the OEM lenses of similar quality.

The problem that most often kills lenses is breakage of the ribbon cable that connects the aperture mechanism with the contacts on the mount, so a heavily used lens that has been treated carefully may not show any signs of weakness until it breaks. Replacement cables are available, but I have never dared taking a lens apart myself.

The best focal length for portraits depend on so many factors that IMHO, the best portrait lens is a zoom. On APS-C, 50-150mm f/2.8 was my favourite.

The lens makers will have you believe that you need ultra thin DoF for portraits. Shallow DoF can give a portrait a "dreamy" look, but you can get that with 50mm at f/2.8 and some backlighting. You can also use shallow DoF to blow the background out of focus in order to isolate your subject. My point of view is that you, as the photographer, always have to be aware of the background, and not just rely on your lens to blow it away. No amount of blur can make a brick wall unrecogniseable, for example.

Good luck and good light.

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