Epson SC-P600 just quit the PK Channel on me

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Re: Epson SC-P600 just quit the PK Channel on me

I'm sorry, I should have been more clear.

I have, since day one, only used PK and never ever performed a switch. I was careful to only select PK media types at all times. I also did not perform any switch to MK lately. So the drop-out of the PK came very much out of the blue for me.

I know I *should* have been switching from time to time. This is a separate issue, but it felt just so wasteful and now I am afraid of trying it for fear of ruining either the valve or the switch mechanism due to the >2yrs old MK ink. Do you think I am too worried about switching after such a long time?

I have performed a few cleaning cycles and indeed I am seeing an improvement in the PK. There is an increasing number of lines now.

I have weighed all my cartridges and C,Y and VM are below 30g, so before I can continue more cleaning cycles, I need to replace those. But it seems I'm going in the right direction

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