Options for smooth, matte or semi-matte papers that use PK ink

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Re: Options for smooth, matte or semi-matte papers that use PK ink

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Beholdclarity wrote:

Hello fellow printers,

I have a sc-p600 that is going strong since 2019 and I have not since performed any MK/PK switch. Thus I am afraid to perform it now, as the MK has surely settled on me and might ruin the valve.

So I am stuck with PK for now.

I have a collection of great glossy, baryta type papers and love them. I also have some satin like papers such as Ilford Gold fiber silk and Bonjet Atelier Fiber and Bonjet one. So in that regard I am saturated.

I am now looking for a paper that fits these requirements or comes close:

- uses PK ink

- smooth surface

- matte or semi-matte finish with as little reflection as possible

- as heavy as possible, preferably >300g/m2

- can be on the warmer side of the color spectrum

I have tried Canson RC photosatin (too cold) and Ilford Mono Silk Warmtone (too flimsy). Both come close to my requirements but not quite. Any suggestions?

Have you considered (as a test) using a printer profile for -- Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matter Paper -- while selecting that you are using a Luster paper so the printer will continue to use PK Photo Black ink. You may be surprised as to the results. Is this worth a sheet of photo paper to then know.

An alternate would be to have a printer profile prepared for you using your mentioned choice of (some type of Matte paper) and Pk Photo Black ink. I have not used this choice but I have used the previously mentioned test but with MK Matte Black ink, Profile for Luster Paper, and using Luster Paper and this was actually very good.

First of all, thanks for all the recommendations so far. I am experiencing issues with my PK nozzle at the moment (the irony is not lost on me) so I'll need to fix that first.

But afterwards I will experiment a bit. Question:
Vernon, when you say "use a printer profile for -- Epson Ultra Premium presentation Matte paper" do you mean an ICC for the matte paper of my choosing while selecting "Luster Paper" as media type in the driver?

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