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I have mine too. I like it a lot but it's not perfect. There was a lot of thought put into it. The zippers could be much better. If you pack the bag even just moderately, the zippers are hard to pull and feel like they won't last.

This bag requires a lot of customization to get right. Out of box, the "T-section" is really odd as the area for the camera box is meant for a camera that is no deeper than a couple inches. They provide a ton of dividers to make up your own sections. However, there isn't a lot of room in this bag and there are some restrictions in placing them (because the dividers are almost all square dividers and there is the button locking mechanism that you have to work around).

Maybe I was expecting the bag to hold more but I was disappointed in how much the bag can carry. What I have in the main area of the bag: Canon EOS R5 body. 35 mm 1.8 lens. 15-30 2.8 Tamron lens. 85mm 1.4 lens. Light meter. There are a lot of little pockets but they're not as practical with filling with stuff because of the tight fits. Like they're meant for instruction manuals and other thin things. I do put things like batteries and mounts but reaching for them is a bit awkward.

There is no way a person with a 16" laptop can fit in this bag. Yes, it can probably fit the 16" screen, but a 16" laptop has some thickness to it and there's no way it could fit. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 which is basically a 12.4" tablet with a detachable keyboard. It does fit but the zippers are hard to pull when the machine is in the pocket. So I basically leave it unzipped. It definitely won't fall out due to the snugness.

It sounds like I don't like the bag but I really do. Now on to the good stuff. It's pretty good as a messenger bag but the cushioned part of the strap needs to be where the strap falls on the shoulder.

The "hook" or premise for the bag, being able to swing from a messenger bag to a platform where you can change your lens and set up your camera is genius. Every other bag requires that you have to deal with the quick access or put the bag down.

Also with this bag, I can't imagine accidentally having things spill out of the bag (like some of the other bags where if you don't zip up, things will fall out). I have a Canon bag that's kind of like a rigid carpenter's bag with the handle on top. And if the straps aren't buckled in, everything spills out when you pull the handle. I also have a backpack with an outside big flap. And if you don't zipper it, a lot spills out when you lift the bag.

I do like how it can be either a messenger bag or a backpack but advertising it as quickly being able to switch between the two is a stretch. It does work well as both a backpack and a messenger bag. Adjustability as a backpack is okay but not as easy as a normal backpack.

I also love how the bag is like a square with some firm skeleton and can sit standing up vertically and horizontally. And of course you can lay it flat.

I wish there was some type of instruction manual because there are so many little features of the bag. I do like how it can hold a tripod. At first, I thought the little pockets were worthless zipper decorations until I really dug in there and finally found the straps.

So the big question is, would I buy it again? I think so? The premise of the bag is what I like and what would keep me coming back. It's not like you're constantly pulling things out of a bag and switching lenses and stuff. But I can remember so many situations where I needed to do just that and it wasn't a convenient or clean place to put your bag down to do it. I just wish there was more room in the bag.

EDIT:  After using the bag more, I can appreciate the care it took in making this bag.  I did some rearranging to suit my needs more (though it didn't free up more space).  Kudos to Matt and Nycol and best wishes in their endeavor.  Still wished for a bit more room but the bag is well made and I would definitely buy it again if it ends up being durable.  I do worry about the zippers still.

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