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Re: BenQ SW2700PT + DisplayCal + ColorMunki Display

newmy51 wrote:

Pictus wrote:

Two problems:

-Only BenQ software can calibrate the monitor internal LUT.
DisplayCAL is excellent, but only calibrates the GPU LUT.
-You need the i1Display PRO/PLUS to use the BenQ software

I'm not shelling out another $300 for shinier version of a perfectly working and suitable device I've already paid handsomely for, on top of the $650 spent on the display itself, just so I can use software described as "a pig," which may or may not work with my display, depending on the date of its manufacture, firmware, and my choice of operating system, and could end up busted if I were ever to update any of the above. Maybe this would be a good time/place to ask what reputable monitor makes/models are out there which will enable the calibrating of internal LUT using only DisplayCal and my existing colorimeter.

To calibrate *ANY* professional monitor INTERNAL LUT, DELL/BenQ/NEC/Eizo
you mainly MUST use i1Display PRO/PLUS or some spectrometer and in
some cases like BenQ, also can use SpyderX.
The compatible devices are described in the documentation.
With the ColorMunki Display it is only possible to calibrate the GPU LUT.

Important to view the videos:

See above comment.

IF you want to use DisplayCAL with your monitor and calibrator try RGB LED, if it is
not ok try the RG Phosphor LED or one of the the PFS Phosphor WLED.

What's the point of having discrete technology types listed as options in this dropdown menu if they're essentially interchangeable? What's the point of calibration software if, in the end, it's up to me -- someone about as far from a colorist as humanly possible -- to determine whether one setting or another is "ok" or ""not ok?" ??? What constitutes "ok?" Is "ok" a technical term?

OK = proper colors
Lots of things you need to learn, I don't know where to point for you.
I'm very busy and tired, my day is going to be VERY long and I'm already in pain...
Anyway, you may like or not:

Look at this video at 09:03.

Here the corrections for DisplayCAL

I don't understand what these files are, or what they're for.

They are the corrections required for a Colorimeter(your device) to proper calibrate
different panel technologies, I will say again, I do not have your monitor, but
suspect the correction for its panel is Spectral:LCD RGB LED family(HP,SOYO)
Ask BenQ support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ask what is the right correction matrix for the ColorMunki Display to calibrate
BenQ SW2700PT, show them the above image.

The DisplayCAL settings I use for my monitor
I guess you can try the same, use BenQ custom settings to get:
Gamma 2.2
Brightness to +- 120 cd/m2
Use monitor RGB gain controls to match 6500K

BTW, before asking me questions, I do not have a BenQ monitor.

Why would I use settings for your completely different monitor on my monitor?

They are generic good starting point for ANY monitor!
Read your monitor manual, look at page 42
Color mode = Custom 1
Gamma = 2.2
Color Temp. = User Define
When DisplayCAL "Interactive display adjustment" is running
you change the monitor RGB gain to match +- 6500K
Also adjust the monitor Brightness to match +- 120 cd/m2

The DisplayCALsettings I consider good starting point:

If the proposed monitor settings does not provide a good result, try the other options like
setting the monitor to Adobe RGB or sRGB, but have to change DisplayCAL parameters too...
I will not post anything more in this thread!
Do your "homework" and good luck!!

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