Epson SC-P600 just quit the PK Channel on me

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Beholdclarity New Member • Posts: 16
Epson SC-P600 just quit the PK Channel on me

Hello there,

I am experiencing an issue with my SC-P600. The black PK channel suddenly dropped and refuses to lay down any ink at all.

I have not performed a MK/PK switch (ever). The MK cartridge is still the one it came with >2 years ago
Last time I printed successfully was a few days ago.
I printed a print head test sheet which had one line missing and performed a head cleaning. I printed one more test sheet which came out fine and turned the printer off.

Today, I get prints that do not have any PK on them at all. Head tests verify this: all channels are fine except PK which is completely missing.

Info: my Cyan and Yellow are pretty low but have no warning indicator lighting up and print just fine on head test.

Any suggestions on what I should do now?
Here is what I tried:

  1. Removed the cartridges and re-inserted them
  2. Restarted printer, took it off the power
  3. Printed a few black squares (which came out uniformly light-grey)

Thank you

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