What will you be shooting two years from now?

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Vincent O'Sullivan Regular Member • Posts: 429
Need you ask?

Som Prasad wrote:

Given your current state of understanding of digital cameras what do you see yourself shooting (as your main system) in two years time?

Asking such a question in a premium Nikon DSLR forum is only going to yield one answer.

People have taken years to acquire these cameras and the matching lenses.  They are long term investments that few are likely to abandon in favour of a different format that does the much same thing.

In the Z format forum you'll find that the people already using those cameras will still be using them in two years.

Ask the same question any of the other forums that cover the cameras that you listed and you'll get answers appropriate to that forum.

So, if all the answers are forum specific; what useful information does the question yield?

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