Ae-lock and Re-Compose

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Jcbailey wrote:

for example. i went into a dark room and found some light. i metered the light and my Shutter was at 1/200 to see if it was right i metered the dark spot and it was 1/60. so i Ae-locked the 1/200 from the light locked it re-composed and the shot came out dark. my camera focused again while i pressed the shutter all the way down and took whatever shot it wanted. I was in AV mode with a fixed iso.

What happend?

The way I look at it, metering works kind of like the pupils of your eye.

If you look at a bright light or the sun, the pupils of your eye will narrow to tiny little slits so that you don;t go blind. This is the fast shutter speed.

If you go into a dark room, the pupils of your eye will widen to let in more light. This is the slow shutter speed.

You can see this happening to a cat's eyes as he or she moves in and out of light and dark areas.

If you locked your exposure when the camera was looking a the bright light, your camera's pupils will be narrowed to little slits. When you recomposed and took a shot with your pupils still narrowed to tiny little slits, the picture is going to come out dark.

Steve Thomas

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