Will Snapbridge be a reliable remote shutter release?

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David Lal Forum Pro • Posts: 12,770
Television remote control?

wilberforce_1 wrote:

Snapbridge works, but is a complicated solution to a simple problem. It is laggy to connect (creates a wifi network, and disconnects your phone from whatever wifi it is on), and essentially puts the camera in live view mode. If you do anything else on your phone, it dumps the connection. All that to just to trigger the shutter!

I can't be doing with all this b*ggering around with telephones. As I've said above, Pixel Oppilas is my cheap, portable and tiny solution. Before that I used the remote control for my television. Obviously, line of sight infrared communication but it worked perfectly.

At one point I made a wired remote, see: http://thehowzone.com/how/D70-Remote/1

That worked well too. All my telephone has to do is ring and be rung.

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