Ae-lock and Re-Compose

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Jcbailey wrote:

Bill Ferris wrote:

Jcbailey wrote:

I'm confused on how AE-lock works. I was adivsed and also tried this. Walk into a room point at what i want to capture, lock the exposure with AE-lock. re-compose and take the shot. in theory the shot should have the same exposure as when i locked it. I don't see this.

Did you read this reply to one of your previous threads?

for example. i went into a dark room and found some light. i metered the light and my Shutter was at 1/200 to see if it was right i metered the dark spot and it was 1/60. so i Ae-locked the 1/200 from the light locked it re-composed and the shot came out dark.

Metering off the light in the dark room would have set the exposure & lightness of the scene 1 to 2 stops below optimal. When metering in a space to use as a reference for exposure and ISO settings, it's best to find a surface that's middle gray in tonality. If that's not available, if very dark or very light are what's available, you'll need to dial-in exposure compensation to compensate for metering off surfaces that are 1 to 2 stops off middle gray.

my camera focused again while i pressed the shutter all the way down and took whatever shot it wanted. I was in AV mode with a fixed iso.

What happend?

As for the autofocus, were you in single-shot mode or continuous AF? Also, was your camera setup so the shutter release button activated autofocus or so a button on the back side of the camera activated AF?

Last one was spot metering i think. this one was evaluative and AE-lock. to me they are diffrent. plus i haven't said anything here in weeks or the last one was a week ago

Thanks for the reply though

Good luck.

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