1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

Desert Scout wrote:

I've had the same question about dropping internet access. Suppose, hypothetically, a gigantic hurricane were to knock power out from your city for a week. Suppose during that time, you need to call your bank, or some other service provider whose security question answers you had stored in your 1P vault. Suppose that you can't access any of your electronics because, you know, you're without power.

It would be nice to have a USB key I could take to an emergency shelter that has a laptop and access my 1Password database and get to my info from there.

In case you hadn't guessed, this isn't actually a hypothetical scenario.

All modern programmers seem to think that "assume universal accessibility to fully charged devices with broadband internet access" is a reasonable assumption to make.

That's a stupid assumption.

I may take some time and see if anyone has posted a version of your "hypothetical" lack of Internet access situation on the official 1Password forum.  I would like to read how the company responds to it. . .

It is possible to create a text file of the data in a local vault, so the login info would be accessible during an Internet outage.  I assume and hope that the same goes for data stored on AgileBits servers.  Of course, it wouldn't be very convenient having to enter some of the very strong pass phrases I have created. . .  Thank Gawd for copy/paste!  We would also need to encrypt the file for obvious reasons.

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