Original A7R: was there ever a fix for shutter shock?

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John Mason
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Re: How did you test?

Magnar W wrote:

John Mason wrote:

I was really interested in that camera when it came out. But when I tried it the shutter I was really shocked me at how bad it was.

Did you test the amount of shutter shake yourself? At what shutter speed range, since this is limited to shutter speeds from about 1/15 to 1/250 sec. You for sure used a sturdy tripod for your tests? Your results?

From my understanding the amount of chock depends on what lens is used, and how the camera is balanced on the tripod, etc.

Back in film days I had a few of the OM series cameras which, especially for the day, had really well damped shutters.

Mirror vibration is way worse than shutter vibration, and with SLR cameras you have both unless the mirror is locked in upper position. Leica SLR cameras showed noticeable mirror/shutter vibration with long lenses when the affected shutter speed range was used with the camera on a tripod.

Of cause this is not noticed with handheld camera, since a handheld camera will be shaking much more than what is caused by the shutter mechanism.

The 2 series was better, but from my point of view it really didn't get 'fixed' till version 3 and that's when I bought into the Sony system.

Series 2 had electronic first shutter, so it was fixed.

Sort of funny, now, as with the A1 I'm using now, there is no shutter shock as I use E shutter all the time with that camera.

Neither is there any shutter shock when using first electronic shutter curtain with other models.

You left off the final quote which put context to all of my comments. Here's the line you didn't quote:

"Perhaps as some of the posts state, it's not really an issue for the results. But personally that was a real turn-off for me."
In other words, the camera was probably fine, but I just personally hated how it wanted to 'jump out of my hands' compared to all prior cameras I had used to that point.

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