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Re: Fireworks

RoelHendrickx wrote:

P3T3S wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I went to photograph the big fireworks at 21.00 hours over the Danube in Budapest, on Szent Istvan Nap (Saint Stephen's Day, the Hungarian national holiday).

Not surprisingly, I found the people more interesting than the pyrotechnics.

(yes, another iphone image)

Interesting enough, I immediately assumed the couple were photographers, he with a rucksack suitable for photo gear and she with a tripod. He has made the effort to bring a ladder, but looks a little ridiculous standing on his own. However, there is no evidence of a camera and neither seem to be taking photos. In fact they seem to be the only ones not taking photos, as the crowd fill mobile phone storage space. They seem to be photographically unimpressed, or have got what they came for and are now watching the show. Roel meanwhile, was not here for the fireworks, and found interesting human behaviour and lots of his trademark mobile phone screens to include.

As to Minnie’s comment about a brush with the law, I can only assume it is artistic copyright. For instance the Eifel Tower is simply Paris’s most famous landmark by day and can be photographed by anyone, but at night it is illuminated with light shows, which are copyrighted by the artist, and may not be photographed. Certainly he used to pursue anyone who published a photo on their website quite vehemently, but not sure if it is still the case.

Same with the Atomium in Brussels.

Also copyrighted.

You can photograph it as backdrop for a family snapshot and for private use etc. But no artistic (or just plain objective) imagery is allowed of the monument for commercial purposes without agreement with the IPO holder.

This is one we could discuss forever. I dont see a case for copyright for any photos etc of a piece of art placed in a public space. That is a space that belongs to all of us. You can't claim a bit of it as your personal property. Making a copy of the object as in another sculpture is a different matter and even then, debatable.

In Australia, the National Parks claim copyright over all photos taken within the park. I'll accept their right to charge an entrance fee but having paid that, I'd argue my right to take photos without copyright restriction (unless there are cultural sensitivities involved.)

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