Xrite Color Profiles ?

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Re: Xrite Color Profiles ?

Iliah Borg wrote:

dddduuuu wrote:

Brightness 50, Blacks 5, Contrast 50 and Curve Medium Cobtrast makes ACR pipeline true linear.

You got it exactly wrong.

Here is our artice that explains the issue https://www.rawdigger.com/howtouse/overriding-raw-converter-default-adjustments-settings

Great article, Iliah. But you've missed the main point. ACR with Adobe Standard profile applies default tone curve. If DCP-profile doesn't have ProfileToneCurve tag, ACR applies the default one. Default tone curve pushes midtones exactly +1EV . Plus BaselineExposue. That is why you'v got 47% instead of 18%. Difference is 1.38EV, very close to +1EV after default tone curve and +0.35EV baseline exposure. By setting sliders to 0 you've got 18% gray of patch M by chance. The process wasn't linear. Later you measure values of another pathes of Q13, but you've used synthetic dng file with embedded dcp-profile. That syntetic dng image could have embedded dcp-profile with explicit linear tone curve. That is why you've got that RGB values. If you measured the values of the real image from the top of your article, you would get different values of non-linear process.

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