Canon i9100 Streaking problems

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Re: Canon i9100 Streaking problems

Sorry I didn't explain the issue properly. To better show you what is going on, I've posted my test image and a photo of the resulting printout online:

Here's the original image I sent to the printer:

It is basically lines of colors going across the page (well, the word "test" written very small).

And here is a photo of the print (8.5x11)

The colored lines are printed nicely, but perpendicular to them running the long length of the page you can see lines of ligher and darker color. I don't know if this is microbanding, streaking, something touching the print, or just a flaw with my printer. I've done the print head alignment, maintenance, etc. I'm using Canon OEM inks on Canon paper.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? What did you do to correct it? Try printing out my test photo - do you get a nice consistent print without steaks down the length of the page?


The Griff wrote:

You have to tell us what way the streaks run, do they follow the
path of the printhead?

Look at you prints, do this banding apear in areas of plain colour
only yet areas of sharp pattern is free of it? If yes, this is
called microbanding. Do a search on here fro canon and microbanding
and you'll find a lot on it.

If it is from the top to bottom of the page (as the paper comes
from the printer. My guess would be something touching thew print
and marking it as it cames out

Writ back
the griff

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