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Re: National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Paula, PSP has an HDR ability. It can create a single image from multiple exposures or, as in this case, make copies of a single image and adjust the exposures of the copies. For this case the exposure differences were 1 EV and centred 2 EV above the out of camera exposure. This feature only works with raw files so I could not do it with the adjusted exposure tiff produced in OW from the Olympus raw file. Nik can do that but I often do not like the results produced with it.

this is the single file tiff of the image with no other processing exported from OW. It was further processed to produce the single image file I posted.

this is the result of the HDR image from PSP with the settings I mentioned above. It was further processed to create the HDR image I posted.

this is the result of the orf file being imported into PSP (the development of the orf there is quite different than in OW), exposure raised one EV, then processed in the NIK plug in for HDR, version 2. No further processing. This is different than the PSP HDR process.

this is the NIK HDR result above processed in PSP. It has more colour noise especially noticeable in the right side of the image.

Unfortunately I did not try an exposure bracket or in camera HDR stack.  I have had few results that I liked with the in camera HDR process but the raws are still there and available for a software stack.  Until recently I did not have software that would allow stacking of exposure brackets but I bought Affinity and it will do it, I just have not tried it yet.


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