BenQ SW2700PT + DisplayCal + ColorMunki Display

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Re: BenQ SW2700PT + DisplayCal + ColorMunki Display

You can download Palette Master Element V1.3.15 from

Two problems:

-Only BenQ software can calibrate the monitor internal LUT.
DisplayCAL is excellent, but only calibrates the GPU LUT.
-You need the i1Display PRO/PLUS to use the BenQ software

Important to view the videos:

IF you want to use DisplayCAL with your monitor and calibrator try RGB LED, if it is
not ok try the RG Phosphor LED or one of the the PFS Phosphor WLED.

Here the corrections for DisplayCAL

The DisplayCAL settings I use for my monitor
I guess you can try the same, use BenQ custom settings to get:
Gamma 2.2
Brightness to +- 120 cd/m2
Use monitor RGB gain controls to match 6500K

BTW, before asking me questions, I do not have a BenQ monitor.

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