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Re: Two DIFFERENT shutter mode "limits" - Wrong one being used here

Sinawang wrote:

Thanks for the link.

Fortunately for what I do I mainly prioritize the shutter speed at full control and prefer the ISO to be at Auto and manually adjusted as needed, so I wont be bothered as much as others about this minimum SS at Auto ISO setting, at least now I know how and where to set that up.

Frankly, I tried Fv for a while and gave up.

I mostly use M-mode with Auto-ISO. This lets me control both shutter and aperture. I find DxO DeepPrime does a great job with noise up through ISO 12,800 and not that bad at 25,600 on the R5 RAW files.  In "tricky" light situations or with flash, I will use a fixed ISO.

With IS and IBIS, I'm only worried about the motion of the subject (except for VERY long exposures). If the subject is still and I want high quality, then I will use Av with a fixed ISO.

Keeping to a few modes helps make sure I don't let the camera do something dumb.

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