About a 35mm prime: which current lens is on par with this one?

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Re: Here's a Zeiss 35 1.4 sample - traded it for the Sony GM today

deednets wrote:

John Mason wrote:

Hand held 1/13th of a second, ISO 3200 with a7r3 and 35mm Zeiss from 'Top of the Rock' in New York City. Packing light, we did this whole trip with that 35 prime only. This was at f7.1 which would have helped with the sharpness.
I was sad but excited to see it go today as I traded it for the 35mm f1.4 GM Sony lens which after much research may well be one of the finest 35mm lenses ever made. And it's supposed to be much sharper wide open than my former Zeiss companion.
I'll let you know after next weekend where it'll once again be one of my primary lenses on a Colorado trip, this time with the A1.
For the size, though, I doubt the RX1 has a better. I looked at that camera long and hard before this trip, but already had other lenses. I bought the Zeiss specifically for this trip.

Yes please!! Re sample shots!

Now, regarding your shot here: why did you chose F7.1? The shot might have (maybe, maybe not??) benefited from using F2 and then .. wait ... 7.1-5.6-4.0-2.8-2.0 3.5 stops, a couple of stops reserved to bring down the ISO6400 and 1.5 stops for the exposure, which I find is a bit on the dark side. But maybe just a matter o personal taste.



I specifically stopped down as this was one shot of a multi-shot pano that I print quite large.  Thus I was going for maximum sharpness.  You can walk up to the pano and see fine detail in the windows of the various sky scrapers.  There was also quite a range from front to back that I wanted sharp, once again for the walk up wow factor (which the final large print pano has
I took a number of passes at this at different F-stops as well and this gave the best result.
I didn't try it as wide open as F2 as that would not have given me the hyperfocal result I was looking for.

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