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While the camera is "metering" the iso can't be switched back to auto. You need to wait a little bit I think (you can set the metering time lower, the lowest I think is 4s).

I also use Fv most of the time.

In my R5, I keep the control wheel for aperture, front dial for exposure compensation, and the Fv setting most of the time is in the speed, so I can change those three parameters without moving the Fv setting (just with the other wheels). when I want to go back to auto speed, I just press the bin button, etc.

I thought that I'll love Fv mode until I've discovered that Auto ISO settings are not effective in this mode - so If I need some custom shutter speed in auto I need to use Av

Br, Paweł.

I commented that In other thread already, I can’t understand why the auto iso minimum shutter speed is not working in this mode, come on Canon!

Do you mean the shutter speed in AutoISO bypasses the minimum limit that we preset?

Yes I think he means that indeed. The minimum auto shutter speed in Fv is depending on focal length and does not take into account the one set for Av mode…

with Sony I used Av most of the time and had a button assigned to change this parameter (auto min shutter speed), so it was very easy. With Canon you can’t assign that to a button so you need to go in the menu (I have it in my menu but still…), so for Marc Fv is still quicker as I can foto auto just pressing the bin button, and then manually change the shutter speed when needed.

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