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Note - Turning the Control Ring Resets the Exposure Timer

Sinawang wrote:

juanmaasecas wrote:

While the camera is "metering" the iso can't be switched back to auto. You need to wait a little bit I think (you can set the metering time lower, the lowest I think is 4s).

So, the metering work is the culprit? That's why I can't figure out, my mind didn't think as far as what you told me.

Once you "lock" exposure (with say a half shutter press) then the exposure timer kicks in.  Turning the control ring WHILE the exposure timer is running will reset the timer and you have to wait again. Thus if you keep turning the control ring, the exposure timer will lock you out of getting back to Auto (IMO, a dumb way for it to work).

If you were in AUTO-ISO when you locked the exposure, then if you don't touch the control ring, it will go back to Auto when the timer runs out.

If you were in "Auto-ISO" then moved to a fixed ISO and then say did a half-press, then you will start the timer and not be able to get back to auto ISO using the control ring until the timer expires. If you wait and don't touch the ring then after the timer expires you can get back.  You can use something like the M-Fn button to get you back to Auto ISO without waiting for the time.

The key point here is that once you start the exposure timer can't get back to Auto ISO, by turning the control ring. Continuing to turn the control ring just keeps you locked out. You have to wait for the exposure timer to time out (a variable setting) or use the M-Fn or back LCD or some other way to get back to Auto.

My metering is also at the lowest setting at 4s, but that still got me stuck at lowest ISO when I need it to be Auto and, when the ISO is already at Auto in the first place the exp comp can't be selected as it's being skipped by control wheel.

I also use Fv most of the time.

Yes, it's like when you want to use full manual or semi auto faster the Fv is the 1st choice.

In my R5, I keep the control wheel for aperture, front dial for exposure compensation, and the Fv setting most of the time is in the speed, so I can change those three parameters without moving the Fv setting (just with the other wheels). when I want to go back to auto speed, I just press the bin button, etc.

I set Aperture to the lens control ring as aperture is a lens' atribute so my brain doesn't need to think which wheel to dial to change aperture, it's subjectively faster for me to work that way. I still need the rear wheel to change between shutter, exp comp and ISO, and oftenly I set my ISO at auto but not most of the time, so the rear wheel is used to switch between shutter and exp comp more often.

But I think I would try your setup and see if it work faster for me than my own setup.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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