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Re: BIF. I have much to learn.

Oh what fun to photograph some of those colorful birdies. Clouds of them? My word!

Birds are the most uncooperative subjects you can find anywhere. They are never still even when they appear to be, they do not respond to requests, they disappear as soon as you confirm your settings.

A good start. Looks like you got many of them pretty sharply in focus. Of course with a big flock moving fast, getting them all in focus isn't possible. I think the picture would feel more pleasing without the leftward downtilt, but that may be just me.

Finding the focus settings and tricks that work best for you is the first quandary on this journey, and this varies between cameras and between photographers. Some like BBF, others not.  When you find a batch of settings you like best, save them to a slot or button on your camera and you'll save a lot of time in the field. I use continuous autofocus, small single point, the Pro Capture feature on Oly cameras, a starting shutter of 1400 (this varies according to the birds as darting terns are very different from flapping egrets), auto ISO with a maximum, and spot metering.

Of my BIF, about 90% are useless. So you may not want to listen to me at all!

Mike Fewster wrote:

Posted because it's on my mind. The shot was taken yesterday as we were driving to central Australia. At one spot there were clouds of budgerigars. We stopped and I headed into the bush to try to get BIF. Tried for about an hour. Crawled under fences looking for a good vantage point. Chopped up by prickles. Experimented with many different settings. Those birds move very fast and very erratically.

Here is my best shot and it isn't good.

Conclusion. I have much to learn and if I was to get serious about this, Some different gear would help but mainly, this is my learning curve to be climbed.

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