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Re: Fireworks

I think it's a pretty good photo of what you wanted to photograph: the two people in the near ground and the crowd in the distance, all watching a fireworks celebration similar to what we've all experienced somewhere/sometime. It does suffer from a color cast that borders on distracting (because of the streetlights of course). And the fireworks themselves might possibly be more interesting with certain settings, though I confess I've never mastered them. The one time I tried to take a real camera to a snazzy fireworks show I got hauled aside by Nashville PD and told it was illegal to photograph fireworks in Nashville (who knew?). My son, ever protective of his mother, almost got himself in serious trouble trying to put forth a legal-ish defense.

Do you shoot with the iPhone's native controls, Roel, or with something else?

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I went to photograph the big fireworks at 21.00 hours over the Danube in Budapest, on Szent Istvan Nap (Saint Stephen's Day, the Hungarian national holiday).

Not surprisingly, I found the people more interesting than the pyrotechnics.

(yes, another iphone image)

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