Changing Lens Kills Two Bodies

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Re: Changing Lens Kills Two Bodies

Pippy wrote:

Okay, so I'm shooting one day with my Nikon D810 and a Sigma 50mm lens. I switch out to my Nikon 105mm to take some macro shots. I take a few shots and switch the lens back to the 50mm. Camera is totally dead. I call Nikon about it, but don't fix the camera because it has nearly 300,000 actuations.
I use my back up D810 for some days, but go out and buy a new D850. One day, I'm shooting with the D850 and swap the lenses exactly as I did last time, and kill the NEW D850.

Two bodies. Same two lenses. Two dead cameras.

Nikon reminds me to have camera off when switching lenses (not sure if it was or not). My local camera store says that doesn't matter. Nikon D850 is now repaired under warranty.

My question: what caused both bodies to die? 1. Was it switching ANY lenses with cameras on? 2. Was it something about the 105 lens? 3. Was it something about the Sigma lens?

I have just sent the 105mm to Nikon for cleaning and check, because that's the older lens. But I'm still nervous to use it again.

Love your thoughts, wise people!

I’ve disconnected lenses in the past with the body  ( I don’t make a habit out of it but it’s happened) and it’s never bricked my camera.

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