The RP is a Bad Landscape Camera

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Re: The RP is a Bad Landscape Camera

Croomrider wrote:

I have both an RP and an R5. I got the RP after the R5 was announced but was unavailable and more than I could spend at the time. I now use the RP as a second camera. I totally agree with your premiss that the RP is a fine camera for landscape, but there can be little argument that the R5 is better. For years I used cameras that were nowhere near as good as the RP and was happy with the results. I still have no problem recommending the RP to folks who cannot afford or justify spending more money.

However, I don't really understand the argument that the RP is so much more portable than the R5. Sure it's a little smaller, but they are both smaller than the 5D3 that I was using and loved before. To me the portability of any mirrorless camera hinges more around what lens is hanging off of it. Either one is very portable with an RF 50/1.8 or 35/1.8.

Nobody said the R5 wasn't portable, it's very portable. But the RP is definitely the smallest of the 4 RF cameras. It also has no IBIS knocking around so I'm personally less worried about the RP in terms of handling and care.

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