Rumors: Overview of upcoming GFX annoucements

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Re: Rumors: Overview of upcoming GFX annoucements

marc aurel wrote:

Theia wrote:

So we got a brief glimpse of the coming tilt/shift lens there. Looks massive. Needs two hands to lift it. I think I could see 30mm f/1.4 and a 105mm filter thread. And I'll probably need two years to save up for it.

Or not. Because, as Richard Butler says in his review of the 50S II, "there is no inherent magic or special 'look' to medium format". (Thought I'd throw that in there for Greg7579.)

Hi Theia,

I thank f/1.4 as an aperture for a wide shift lens is nearly impossible. My guess is f/4. Which would be fine for me.

The shift scale on the mockup looks to me like there could be a shift range of +-15mm. Hard to tell on the lowres screenshot. But looks like that to me. Would be great, very close to half of the sensor height which is what I need at maximum.

Focal length 30mm would be great. In the just published roadmap the TS lens sits just in the 30mm spot


Sorry, of course. f/4.

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