Swapped the A1 for an A7R4, am I mad?

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Re: hopefully your 'swap' bought a lens or something

I have the A1 came from an R3, for me the dream was always to have High MP and H FPS, i just wish Sony would make an A2 LOL

My Vision

  1. A2R = HI MP +H FPS
  2. A2S = Hi MP + Video

having all 3 for me as i dont do Video YET!!! is a waste..

I just didnt want to cart around 2 bodies...That being said, quite like this A7C, id be even more happy if the proposed rumour mill A74 was made into an A7C2, maybe next year.

I did wonder if Sony would ever release a new RX1R now that would be cool, a pocketable A7R4 Pixel Monster with the new features.

Anyway OP id obviously say your mad, but life is choices and if the R4 fits you better then great, i hope you spent the money on some nice glass, and didnt get strong armed into buying the wife a new Carpet or Bathroom suite :).

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