Nikon Z 24-200 f/4-6.3 compared to Canon RF 70-200 f/4

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Re: Nikon Z 24-200 f/4-6.3 compared to Canon RF 70-200 f/4

This thread seems to be generating a lot of "heat".

The OP and not the web site seems to have prepared the side by side comparison.

MTF 50 uses a 1000:1 contrast chart which is much smaller than a landscape subject.

1000:1 contrast is much greater than in many photographic subjects.

When comparing this type of result the sensor MP plays a part - though in this comparison MP is so close to equal as to be unlikely to make a significant difference to the comparison.

I agree the 24-200 does very well in this comparison, though whether in another comparison of perhaps a detailed landscape scene is not critically tested.

I would expect the Canon - which I have not handled - to have faster AF at 200mm wide open - and it has the benefit of f4 depth of field when used wide open.

My view is an MTF 50 result in isolation provides some useful information - rather than the wide range of information I need to choose to buy a lens.

In the background the Nikon lens cannot be directly fitted to a Canon body, or vice-versa

Something I would like to see is an MTF 50 comparison with the same Nikon S lens on a Z6 and Z7 body.

The Z7 seems in general to have about 15% more resolution than a D810 using MTF 50 -based on the sites slightly apples to oranges test reporting using the D810 and Z7.

In theory the Z7 with a high resolving lens should be able to produce around 25% more image resolution than the Z6 - assuming the aim is highest resolution.

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