Does Anyone Know What Kind of Lens This is?

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Re: Does Anyone Know What Kind of Lens This is?

ProfHankD wrote:

Ching-Kuang Shene wrote:

I guess this may be a process lens. Most process lenses have a rather sturdy mount like this. Those screw holes are used to mount to a lens base of something such as a lens board of a process machine, maybe for printing.

Yes, CK, but the Jupiter 9 isn't a process lens. It doesn't cover any of the process formats I've used. It does cover more than 135 when used at higher magnifications, but then one would have expected an external focus mechanism, not the screw drive ring on the rather limited focus range the lens normally has.

Anyway, that's why I said copy cameras. In fact, if I had to make just one guess, I'm specifically thinking maybe a 35mm film microfilm recorder?

Copy camera is also a type of process camera, depending on the purpose or use of the lens.  A cheap process machine does not need a great lens with long to very long flang or focus distance.


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