Distortion correction 14-35 RF lens

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Re: Distortion correction 14-35 RF lens

Karl_Guttag wrote:

the-genuine-particle wrote:

The biggest downside of all this manipulation is that you lose the natural look of the optical falloff. The corner softness on the RF 24-240mm tends to have a disturbing looking smeary appearance compared to say the Sigma 12-24mm which looks natural in the corners.

I would hope that a 2x zoom has less distortion than a 10x zoom at the wide end. The Sigma 12-24 looks pretty good on TDP (https://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/Lens-Distortion.aspx?Lens=1182&Camera=453&FLI=0&LensComp=1084&CameraComp=979&FLIComp=0) but still has some distortion on the wide end uncorrected.

At the same time, I would be interested to see a valid study of how many people could pick out the difference in a final image from the same location with the same focal length and f-numbers. Very few people are going to be pixel peeping at the corners of a picture. An eagle-eyed person might.

A "natural look" is hard to quantify, but I can believe that all the manipulation necessary on the wide end of the 24-240 does not help the image quality in the periphery.

A "natural look" is not hard to quantify. It's simple, smooth, artifact free transitions in every respect. Light to dark, color gradients, sharp to soft, etc. That is what "natural" means.

Film is "natural" especially when it comes to focus transitions. It makes digital look bad in this regard which is why I think fast lenses have become so popular, people are trying to get that dimensionality and smoothness back on digital cameras.

Even a mediocre scan of film has nicer falloff:

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