Canon R5 with Sigma 105mm f1.4 vs canon RF 85 1.2

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Re: Canon R5 with Sigma 105mm f1.4 vs canon RF 85 1.2

thunder storm wrote:

bernie r wrote:

RF 85 1.2

Faster AF

I can't imagine the speed of the 105 Art wouldn't be adequate for it's typical use.

Full AF points

I never noticed the Art can't be used with all AF points. I think the Sigma can be used with all relevant AF points.

Better flare & glare handling

I believe you


I believe you

Better ergonomics

Weight distribution(Sigma is incredibly front heavy)

This is one and the same point

More pleasing bokeh

I don't think the RF 85mm f/1.2 has more pleasing bokeh in every situation for every aperture according to the opinion of all viewers.

Doesn't require an adapter

So no drop in filters

Sigma 105 Art:


I just looks like you have a hard time to justify the price you've payed for the RF f/1.2 if this is the only upside you can mention about the 105 Art.

Was the better flare and glare handling, more AF points, more sharpness etc. not good enough to outweigh the benefits of the 105mm Art?

I got my RF 85 1.2 for only £1459, it was a no brainer to sell my Sigma, and yes, the sigma doesn't have all AF points across the frame available on my R5. I would've still got the RF 85 1.2 over the Sigma at full price, it's consistently better, also who needs a drop in filter when you have a VND for the 82mm filter thread? There's nothing wrong with the Sigma if that's what you can afford, it's a great lens but it obviously isn't as good as the RF. You can take that as me saying it's a bad lens if you want..?

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