RF 600mm F/11, RF 800mm F/11, IS-rattle

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Re: RF 600mm F/11, RF 800mm F/11, IS-rattle

Leeuw wrote:

Thanks, very helpful.
Wonder if Canon in the mean time has made some kind of statement what has been changed in the IS design for RF lenses making parking of the IS element(s) superfluous.
I am still concerned about lifetime and dislike the rattle sound in the field.

The R5 also has a rattle feel inside of it. I've hiked with the R5 for 11 hours straight with it bouncing around all over and had no problems. The RF 24-240mm also rattles and it too has gone on many long hikes with no issues. It's been slammed around a few times as well. Fallen off the car seat onto the floor, bumped into doors, etc. If it was fragile it probably would have broken by now. Still working how it always has as far as I can tell. Not saying it wouldn't be nice if it didn't rattle but it's down the list of things to do IMO. The RP is also tough BTW, pretty sure it would have to be tossed off a cliff to be broken.

To limit the shaking while walking I use a Peak Design strap. I never hang a camera around my neck anymore, always over the shoulder to one side. And with Peak Design they include a tripod screw attachment so the camera points down. If I know I'm gonna walk a distance without using the camera, like over some rough terrain, I tighten the strap up so the camera is up against my torso. Sits there nicely and doesn't swing around or get banged climbing over rocks and stuff.

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