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Re: Canon DPP 4 Question

dmanthree wrote:

I've been learning this software, but so far it's, well, a real dog. Unlike ACR where changes take place in real time, like white balance or lifting shadows, performing those operation in DPP are a real drag. move the slider for white balance...wait. Move the slider for lifting shadows...wait. Is there any way to speed up this dog?

I'm running it on a very good Mac, so it isn't a matter of underpowered hardware. Macbook Pro, Intel 9 CPU, plenty of RAM and HDD space. Good graphics processor, as well; AMD Radeon Pro 5500M w/4G of video memory.

The software both can and can't be fixed by a faster computer most likely. Most modern computers rely heavily on parallelism with multiple cores but most of these apps are not written to take advantage of multi-core CPU's. Unfortunately nobody has yet figured out how to make CPU's work in a way that is easy enough that apps with a small staff like DPP can keep up in the performance race so to speak. Most likely it would require a rewrite of every function in the program to make it fully parallelized.

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