Distortion correction 14-35 RF lens

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Re: Distortion correction 14-35 RF lens

Tim 6789 wrote:

Am I understanding this right? At 14mm, the RF 14-35 distorts heavily unless corrected in camera or in software. It appears that the corrected image is cropped maybe by around 10% to create a jpeg or a corrected raw (source the Digital Picture lens review distortion image at 14mm). On a R5 the pixel dimensions are 8192 x 5464, so a cropped corrected version maybe only approximately 7370 x 4915. Are the actual pixel dimensions of the final image at the advertised size? Has the cropped image been upscaled to produce the final image at the standard pixel dimensions? Does this also apply to the 24-240, which also has a heavily distorted uncorrected image at the wide end? Does it apply to any other RF lenses? If so, does it matter?

With the 24-240mm I know that when you zoom out to 24mm the optics are actually zoomed out to like 21mm, nobody knows exactly, but it's wider than 24mm. Then it is distortion corrected and cropped and the result is a 24mm-ish image.

I would assume the same is true of the RF 14-35mm. It's probably a 12mm on the ultra wide end or something like that so the crop produces a true 14mm image.

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