R5: Acceptable Flash?

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Re: R5: Acceptable Flash?

Bigmaac wrote:

the-genuine-particle wrote:

Bigmaac wrote:

Godox V1 flash and a Godex X2 trigger is my recommendation.

Ugh, that V1 is pathetic! Never understood the Godox love, they're terrible.

How so?

The V1 flash give a better and more even light compared to the normal Fresnel heads on all other flashes I know of. A little less light though. The tilt function is also better than on most other flashes.

Depends how you use it I guess. Using the radio it was totally unreliable controlling 2 AD200's. Some of these cheap flashes have trouble when asked to do radio and output a flash. It's either the junk batteries or a poor design. The AD200's were bad too, tons of missed flashes even at lower power settings. Eventually they started locking up and becoming unresponsive so I sold the my whole Godox kit.

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