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Re: Reducing size is a very strong noise filter.

CharlesB58 wrote:

Paul De Bra wrote:

Your "original size" image is really small. Downsizing images drastically reduces noise and makes ISO 6400 images look clean... but of course there is no detail beyond the size of the picture that remains...

The size reduction has to do with linking to the image on Zenfolio for display on DPR, as well as not generally wanting people to have access to full sized images. Here is a full resolution (some cropping from the original capture).
And, well, as far as downsizing images drastically reducing noise, that applies mostly to pixel peeping. For most viewers, they don't even know if an image has been downsized. Since I shoot to please the artists and others who view and use my photos, pleasing pixel peepers is a non-existent consideration for me.
The greatest use of images is internet. In many cases, downsized images are preferred to save load times and storage. Not only that, but the average viewer is not going to be doing 100% magnification of images.
Yeah, if I were shooting for use on billboards, I'd probably prefer FF or even MF. For now, I please my clients and viewers, which is what matters.


Normally I would be disappointed at the amount of visible noise in your photo above, but we have to consider the environment you were shooting in -dimly lit stage scene. Perfectly exposing the subject as you did limits how much noise reduction is needed in post. Nice image!


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