From DSLR to Micro 43rds Full circle size wise

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Re: From DSLR to Micro 43rds Full circle size wise

johnami wrote:


Many years ago looking to buy a lighter smaller SLR, ---------I had a Zenit--------, I discovered the Olympus OM1 and Pentax MX. Due to cost, I ended up going down the wonderful Pentax path.

Many years later, I have decided to join the M43 community, because for me small is beautiful and I am getting older:-P.

Hope to learn a lot from you guys and from my EM1.3. Good to be able to use some Pentax glass on the box too.

This box is so quiet........

When I was getting my first SLR, I looked at the MX, OM1, and FM.  I went with the FE 😉 I think I owned about 5 of them over the years

I even thought recently about building a collection of old classic film cameras. All of them are great cameras!

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