Kolari Ultra Thin sensor mod. Nikon Z6 with M mount lenses

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Re: Kolari Ultra Thin sensor mod. Nikon Z6 with M mount lenses

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Interesting. Would you expect the same improvements with Leica R-glass? I did once convert my 35mm f2.8 Elmarit-R for use on a D700, but was not happy with the result and converted back again. I was thinking about trying again with a Z7, which would only involve an adapter, not mount conversion, since I have some other Leica-R lenses besides. I had thought that perhaps the AA filter was the problem with the D700, but I had not considered glass thickness. Thank you for your time.

A 35mm f/2.8 SLR lens (designed for film) might improve with the UT mod, but I wouldn't consider doing the UT mod just for that lens.

If you didn't get good results with your D700, the glass thickness could be the reason since it may induce reverse field curvature which will make infinity shots look less sharp in the sides and corners.

I have other Leica-R lenses, but I never converted them to the D700. If I got a Z camera, I would need only one adapter for all of them, hence the question. But, my previous dissatisfaction could also be related to the AA filter, or to something else.

I could of course, buy the adapter and try the lenses, but I would first have to buy the Z7, which I do not own.

In general, SLR lenses should work reasonably well with DSLR and FF mirrorless cameras, since the exit pupil of SLR lenses aren't as short as wide angle rangefinder lenses. A 35mm f/2.8 SLR lens should work well, even with a stock Nikon DSLR or Z camera. Since it didn't on your D700, I am wondering why. Perhaps the lens itself, perhaps the lens-camera combination, perhaps the mount adapter kit. Don't know.

the 35mm f2.8 worked ok on my D700, besides manual aperture function being just as tedious as it has always been, but I did not find the lens to be anything 'special' in the manner I enjoyed its rendering on film. So it was not worth the inconvenience eg compared to the Cosina Zeiss 35mm f2 that I replaced it with. Not sure precisely what was missing, but the images did not 'pop'. Perhaps there was a lack of micro-contrast, hence my wondering about the AA filter. At any rate, I've been considering a Z body, in part to be able to use those lenses digitally.  Thanks for your thoughts on this topic, it is good to hear from someone with a related interest.

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