My review of Megadap ETZ11 Sony adapter and Tamron

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Re: My review of Megadap ETZ11 Sony adapter and Tamron

inasir1971 wrote:

Kwick1 wrote:

Well, that’s a fail. I bought the new Megadap ETZ11 adapter hoping to use the Tamron 28–200 f/2.8-5.6 for Sony FE on my Nikon Z6 II (I have the Z 24-200 but wanted the brighter aperture and closer focus distance of the Tamron).

Both brand new, all running the latest firmware. The adapter looks like it was made in shop class, with the circuit board exposed and covered with epoxy.

I just shoot stills and was using AF-S and AF-C. It focused maybe 20% of the time. When it couldn’t acquire focus, sometimes it just gave up trying to focus on anything and I had to turn the camera off and back on just to get it to try again. When I tried a portrait, I only got the eye AF to work once, then never again. I don’t do video, so didn’t even try that.

Just an overall fail, unfortunately.

I have the Megadap ETZ11 and the Techart TZE-01

My only lens I've found the Megadap to not as you put it 'fail' with is my Sigma 85 1.4 DG DN. By work, I mean AF works acceptably. Everything else broken listed below still doesn't work.

Here's what's wrong with the Megadap ETZ11 - as of version 1.2 firmware:

  • Can't read lens information - max focal length / max aperture correctly (e.g. my Sigma 85 1.4 shows as some zoom with a max aperture of 1.3 - 1)
  • IBIS doesn't work correctly
  • if you set aperture smaller than f/5.6 inexplicable delay in continuous shooting
  • AF is much worse than Techart TZE-01 on every lens I have tried (Tamron 17-70/2.8, 17-28/2.8, 70-180/2.8, Sony 35/1.4 GM) except my Sigma 85 1.4 DG DN.
  • AF fails frequently if changing focus large distance e.g. from very far to near or visa-versa.

The Techart ETZ-01 on the other hand works incredibly well with my Tamron VXD and RXD lenses.

Tamron 17-28/2.8, 17-70/2.8, 70-180/2.8 - works incredibly well, no issues. IBIS works perfectly, AF (AF-C and AF-S) very fast and accurate, lens information reporting all great.

Sony 35 1.4 GM - works but not really good (which I think the Tamron lenses I list are). I find AF-C is sometimes glitchy but AF-S works fine - you will be aware you are not using a native lens. Also Sony bodies do some shutdown functions which the ETZ-01 doesn't - like 'park' the lens elements, retract power zoom etc. IBIS, lens information all fine.

Sigma 100-400 DG DN and 85 1.4 DG DN buggy, I wouldn't recommend it.

Viltrox - not compatible

Techart ETZ-01 is actually optimized for two Tamron lenses which they specifically mention (the 70-180/2.8 and your 28-200) in their firmware notes (see below). As I mention above, works really well with my 70-180/2.8

That’s great news, thank you!  I’ll try that one instead.

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